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Super-sized fun with Big Chair Photos

If you want super-sized silliness and BIG fun at your event, the “Big Chair” is the perfect attraction. Our 8 x 8 foot chair has become a favorite party entertainer for all ages. Even the tallest man or woman will look teeny-tiny sitting in this chair.

Perfect for sorority parties, fraternity parties, kids birthday parties, reunions, proms, Christmas bashes and graduation celebrations, guests will love piling onto the chair for this one-of-a-kind photo opportunity. The chair is bright red with a white background (which can be removed) so the photos really pop. We also offer giant props to complete the picture. Each guest gets his or her own photo souvenir printed right then and there.

As with all our entertainment services, we provide friendly, personable staff to run the Big Chair Photos and handle the set-up/take down. We also supply the photographer, camera and all the equipment needed to print your Big Chair keepsake photos right on the spot. We take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy your party!

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Your questions answered:

How big is the chair?

Our chair is enormous, measuring eight feet tall by eight feet wide and eight feet deep. Even a large man will look miniature seated on it. Imagine the hilarious pictures of your guests sitting in a giant chair that makes them look tiny!

How many people will fit on the chair at one time?

Adult sizes vary, but generally up to 600 pounds at a time can sit in the Big Chair at once. Seat just a single person or a whole family of four – these are a photographic memento your guests will love!

What comes with the Big Chair?

We provide all set up and take down, a professional camera and photographer, all supplies needed to print your big chair keepsake photos right on the spot, and a promise of big fun for all!

Do you need any special power sources to set up the Big Chair?

No, we simply need access to a common 110v power outlet that is no more than 30 feet from our set up area. We’ll do the rest!

Can the chair be set up indoors and outdoors?

Yes! As long as we have the proper ceiling clearance and space around the chair to anchor it, we can accommodate indoor events as well as outdoor ones. Big Chair Photos can be set up virtually anywhere.

How many photographs will you take of my guests in the big chair?

As many as they want! All our services offer unlimited photo printing for the entire scheduled event as well as free web hosting of your photos, so your guests can view and download them (again free) after the party.

Sign up for our Big Chair Photo today for BIG interactive fun at your event!

Call us now at (707) 373-1863 or click here to make your event a huge hit with our Big Chair Photos!

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