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Boogie Heads: Star In Your Own Music Video

Bay Area Boogie Heads

How would you like to see your guests featured in their own Boogie Heads video? With innovative green screen technology, we’ll help you give your party guests, family and friends the chance to create hilarious and one of a kind keepsake music videos to watch over and over. These videos will create a buzz that pulls the whole crowd over to watch as their friends or family make silly singing head videos. Family Fun Entertainment is your Bay Area Boogie Heads provider!

How it Works

We provide everything needed to make video magic at your event. Our professionals will set up a green screen booth, video equipment and a monitor for audience viewing. Guests will be entertained as up to four people at a time sit on our video stools, draped in green capes that leave only their heads showing, and lip sync to songs they’ve chosen from a huge library of tunes we provide for them. A digital camera and blender program captures the “singers” heads and superimposes them over some silly animated dancers. All of this is projected live on the monitor for the rest of your party to watch and cheer them on.
Each guest will receive a DVD of their performance that is burned right there on the spot, giving them the perfect take home keepsake to prove they’re a star! All music that we provide is fully licensed and perfectly legal, and you own the rights to the DVD we give you.

Our Boogie Heads video booths are the perfect choice for any age group and any event where guests want to have fun and be entertained. School events, company parties, or family events are all perfect for creating a memorable performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need to setup a Boogie Heads booth?

Ideally, we need 15 x 15 feet of space to set up. We can make a booth work in a space as small as 10 x 10. Our professionals will take care of all setup and removal of the gear.

What kinds of songs and videos do you have?

We offer an extensive collection of songs and videos to choose from, with music from almost every popular genre. Your guests are sure to find a fun song to sing along with.
How long will my guests have to wait for their videos?
Did we mention waiting? There’s no waiting! Our system creates DVD copies virtually instantly to give to the stars of the videos as soon as they’re finished singing. It’s an instant hit!

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