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DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas

diy-holiday-decoration-ideasThe Christmas season is all about getting in touch with what really matters in life and giving thanks for all of our blessings. Around this time of year, you might also be thinking of inviting over the family for a Christmas day feast and exchanging gifts. The thing is, though, a lot of us automatically associate getting ready for this time of the year with spending a lot of money. Now, you might have ended up getting some great Cyber Monday deals and even plan on spending a little more for a few big-ticket Christmas shopping items, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your home on a budget.

Thinking Outside The Box With Holiday Decoration DIY’s

You can absolutely take the holiday decoration DIY ideas below and run with them to save literally hundreds of dollars this holiday season. You might even feel empowered to create your own wreaths, mistletoe, tree ornaments and table decor to really make your home pop without breaking the bank.

Create A Seasonal Countdown

Advent calendars have actually been making a comeback the last few years since they seem to really get people in the holiday spirit. Although for decades Advent calendars depicted nativity scenes, feel free to decorate yours with anything that reminds you of Christmas (e.g., sleighs, candy canes or past Christmas family photos). You can use anything from a poster, cork board, plastic Christmas tree, or pine as a base. Just make sure that if you use your wall as a base for your advent calendar you don’t use pins or nails! What you want to do is create around two dozen numbered sheets of paper or windows that you can reveal one day at a time. Behind each number, you and your family can slowly uncover different Christmas themes to get you in the swing of things. Mixing together red, silver, and green colors are a great way to bring your advent calendar to life as well.

Super Simple DIY Mistletoe

You don’t need much more than green felt and a few plastic pearls to bring this idea to life and impress your guests in the process. Check out this scintillating holiday season DIY decoration idea here.

Make Your Own Snowman Ornaments

When we think of Christmas one of the first things to spring to mind is a well-decorated Christmas tree. Nowadays you can find synthetic Christmas trees that look just as merry as the real thing and can be used again and again for many Christmas seasons to come. You might find, though, that creating ornaments with your family from one year to the next is a great way to mix things up and enjoy more quality time with those you love. With that in mind, consider grabbing a half dozen small jars, acrylic paint, fine brushes, and a few ribbons to hang up your DIY snowmen decorations when you’re done. You can create your very own Christmas tree decorations in under an hour!

Craft Your Own Christmas Wreath

There’s definitely no shortage of DIY Christmas wreath ideas out there making the rounds this holiday season. One of the most efficient involves grabbing a styrofoam tube – they actually make styrofoam Christmas wreaths at arts and crafts stores for DIY purposes – and using a glue gun to lock into place your ribbon arrangement. There’s a good chance that if you’re doing gifts this year you’ll have a few spare ribbons lying around: All you really need is a few dozen silver, gold, purple, red and green ribbons to combine together in order to create a truly DIY, eye-grabbing Christmas wreath.

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