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Bay Area Interactive Party Entertainment Services

Our services are designed to be appropriate and fun for a broad range of parties and age groups.  We provide package deals that combine services for your convenience. Whether you’re planning a 1st birthday party or an 80th, a wedding or a company picnic, these fun, popular and interactive entertainment options will please your guests and make the whole planning process easier and faster for you.

Photo Booth Rentals

Pictures are one of the very best keepsakes that your guests can take home from a party. Photo booths have made a huge come back, and it’s never been easier to have one at your party. Your guests can use our photo props and step right inside the booth that we provide, it’s as simple as that.  Whole families can takes photos together, groups of friends can squeeze into the pictures together, making a fun keepsake for your friends, family or party guests.  We set up the booth, provide the props, and print the pictures right on sight. Our party attendant will keep things running smoothly.

Airbrush Tattoos

Formerly only available at festivals, airbrush tattoos have become a huge party hit. These temporary airbrush tattoos are sprayed onto the skin by our experienced artists. Guests of any age enjoy the fun of getting a tattoo that will look great for up to a week with proper after care. Rest assured that our artists work with all age groups and party types, providing fun and professional services that you can be proud to have at your event.

Big Chair Photos

For a “big” hit at your event, consider our Big Chair Photo option. This innovative party favorite will appeal to the young and not-so-young alike. We provide a giant vinyl chair big enough for whole groups to fit into, and each guest receives photo keepsakes printed right on the spot. Big Chair Photos are a blast for birthday parties, company events, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, school events!

Green Screen Pictures

Green Screen Pictures are an awesome new addition to our party packages!

Our software is so versatile, it gives us the ability to offer the full range of background designs and still produce more sessions and prints than anyone else. This is how it works:

1. You choose your background and tell us the number. From that, we determine how best to frame the photo;

2. You stand at the green screen, we take the photo;

3. We use Alt plus the background number and your background instantly appears;

4. We re-size you to fit the photo and place you in the appropriate position;

5. We hit print, tell it to print a photo for every person who is in the photo;

6. In less than a minute from snapping your photo, the printer has started printing.

Give us a call today and we will help you create the perfect package for your event.

We put the fun into “going green” with Green Screen Pictures.  Why have an ordinary picture when you can have an extraordinary one?  With our green screen technology, you can have your picture in any number of exotic locations without actually going there.  Want to be in Paris, or Disney World, or the middle of the jungle?  You can do that with a green screen picture.

We have a new software upgrade rolling out that will make our current version obsolete. Faster photo editing and processing combined with automatic template uploads makes us faster than anyone else, anywhere else, guaranteed.


Everyone loves pictures of themselves, and none are more popular than the comic renderings done by professional artists. We have a team of professional caricaturists ready to spice up your event with freestyle hand-drawings or the ever-popular digital images.

As part of our green screen software, we can also take your digital photo and create fast, on-site printed caricatures of you and your guests. We just take the photo, apply the caricature software, print and you are finished!

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Give us a call and let us help you make your party a success and take the stress of interactive entertainment planning out of your hands. We’ll bring you fun Bay Area party entertainment that your friends and family will never forget!

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