Interactive Party Favors!

Green Screen Photography

Travel to a tropical paradise… meet the President … or be the star in a blockbuster movie!

Green screen photos will bring magic and fun to your party!

Ever wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? How about as the starring role on a movie poster? Family Fun Entertainment’s Green Screen Photography will put your face (or body) wherever you want – magazine covers, movie posters, Old West-style wanted posters, inside King Kong’s banana –you name it!

We can also transport you to the most exotic locations on the map without ever having to set foot on a plane! With 386 backgrounds to choose from, there’s no limit on where you can place your face.

Don’t care where you are but rather who you’re with? We can put your face next to famous personalities, actors, even the President. Green Screen Photos are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Plus, we have other fun effects such as …[each item below will link to page that has samples except the 3D one, that will take them to the 3D page]

386 Background Designs (and counting)

Face Swap

Head On Body


Warhol-style Pop Art Effects

iSketch Silhouette Effect

Comic Rendering

Fake Magazine Covers and more!

3D Photo Favors (ask about pricing)

Call us now at (707) 373-1863 or click here to bring your party to life with Green Screen Photography!

What you get:

  • FREE unlimited background; choose from 386 options
  • FREE props to enhance your photo
  • FREE online Photo Gallery so that your guests can download any or all photos
  • FREE USB flash drive containing all of the photos taken at your event
  • FREE framed photo party favor for every person in the photo

Your questions answered:

How does it work?

Our software is very versatile, so it gives us the ability to offer the full range of background designs while producing more sessions and prints than anyone else.

1.   You choose your background and tell us the number. From that, we determine how best to frame the photo;
2.   You stand at the green screen, we take your picture;
3.   We use ALT-key + the background number and your background instantly appears with your photograph;
4.   We make any adjustments needed to the photo, such as resizing to fit the scale or shifting the placement to the appropriate position.
5.   Then it’s ready to print! We’ll print a photo for every person in the picture at no extra charge. Your photos are ready in less than a minute.

How many people can fit into a picture?

As many people as you like.  Each guest in the photo will get his or her own framed copy of the picture.

Are all backgrounds available for each event?

Yes, all 386 backgrounds are available for every event. Because our software is so fast, there is no need to limit your guests to a small number of background choices.

What if I want a background you don’t have?

Our expert graphics team can create custom personalized backgrounds, overlays, magazine covers, 3D backgrounds and more for your event. We can usually turnaround a custom graphic in about 72 hours depending on quantity and complexity. For orders needed sooner, please contact us or call (707) 373-1863. We’ll do our best to work within your deadline, but an extra fee may apply for rush orders.

The following price list is a base quote. Because each custom design is unique, your final price may be more or less depending on the degree of complexity.

  • Custom overlay/background = $49
  • Custom overlay/background set (sandwich graphic) = $75
  • 3D lenticular background/overlay set = call for pricing

* Discount available for multiple items

A final quote will be given after we receive your design details. The invoice will then be sent via email. We will send a design proof within 48 hours, unless rush arrangements are made. After accepting the design proof, your graphics can be downloaded immediately upon completion.

What sizes are available?

All graphics are high-quality 300 ppi resolution and can be created for any size canvas. The canvas size you choose is determined by the printed media size you plan to use for your event. For instance ;if you plan to print 5×7 photos (we automatically print 4×6), it would be best if your background and overlay are 1500 pixels by 2100 pixels at 300 dpi. We also have the ability to produce your template for multiple canvas sizes.

Call us now at (707) 373-1863 or click here to bring your party to life with Green Screen Photography!

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