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Making Valentine’s Day Fun For Your Kiddos

making-valentines-day-fun-for-your-kiddosValentine’s Day used to be a time of romantic dinners with your special someone. Now that you have children, you are planning to spend the day with your adorable little sweethearts. The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to come up with activities you can all enjoy together. Here are several tips for making Valentine’s Day fun for your kids.

  • Decorate The House: Start off your holiday by decorating your house for Valentine’s Day. You can find a range of inexpensive decor in pink, red and white, such as a tablecloth, balloons, and streamers. Your children are sure to love decorating with heart-shaped window clings. If your children love to get crafty, let them make their own heart posters and paper chains using pink, red and white construction paper.
  • Valentine’s Day Crafts: Are your children still feeling crafty after making their own decor? There are plenty of Valentine’s Day crafts to get their creative juices flowing. They can start by making heart-shaped cards for their family and friends. What about creating heart-shaped placemats with construction paper? Your children can even create Loom Bracelets with printable cards for all their Valentines.
  • Bake Some Treats: There is nothing like baking with your little ones to sweeten up your Valentine’s Day. You can make heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes with pink sprinkles. Why not make an entire cake or chocolate-covered strawberries. Your smaller children can pour and mix the contents, and your older kids can read the recipes and measure the ingredients.
  • Celebrate With Others: If you have a loved one or neighbor who does not have a Valentine this year, encourage your children to make a card for them. It will make their day when you all deliver the card with some candy or a bouquet of flowers. It also shows your children how good it can feel to make someone else smile.
  • Host a Valentine’s Day Party: You already have the house decorated and the treats baked, so why not host a Valentine’s Day party? Celebrate with just your children or let them invite a few friends to the party. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to make Valentine’s Day sandwiches or pancakes, and your beverages can include fruit punch and pink lemonade. You can use heart or color-themed supplies such as plates, cups, and napkins. Come up with games such as a Scavenger Hunt for heart-shaped items, or put on some music and let your guests dance.
  • Share Your Love: The whole family should gather around the table or living room for this activity. Everyone shares three to five reasons why they love each member of their family. You can also have each family member write down their lists to pass out with Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Family Movie Night: Finish your Valentine’s Day by snuggling up for a family movie night. Everyone can get into their pajamas and use their favorite pillows and blankets. There are many family-friendly films that fit the Valentine’s Day theme, such as Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie’s Sweetheart Stories and A Charlie Brown Valentine.
  • Loving Bedtime Stories: If your children are still awake after your movie night, you can always end the day by reading a few Valentine’s Day books. There are plenty of books that fit the holiday, such as Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George, The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Party and Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. It is the perfect way to end a lovely Valentine’s Day with your little ones.

When you come up with ways to make Valentine’s Day fun for your kids, you are creating memories that last a lifetime

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