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pet-party-planningIf you’re like most pet owners, then your pet is very much a part of your family; you know all her quirks, mood swings and desires. As such, it stands to reason that you can throw a party for your pet on her special day – whether this is her actual birthday or a day of your choosing that you repeat every year or so. Such a party will strengthen the human-animal bond that you share; even if it is already secure.

Even better, planning a party for your pet is just another reason for friends and family to get together in an enjoyable atmosphere. If you have any neighbors with pets, this represents a chance for the block to get together and celebrate the pets in your lives.

1. Make Sure to Have Plenty of “Throwables” Around

It is a party for pets, after all! These so-called “throwables” include dog bones, Frisbees, Nerf balls, cat-preening stations and more. This will encourage your guests to make sure that the animals are having a good time. Make sure that you’ve got plenty of snacks for both humans and pets, so that you can keep the people well entertained and the pets eager for interaction and rewards.

2. Plan for Accidents

You may love them like a human – but remember, they are pets, after all. Make sure you provide the guest with theme doggie bags and cleaning accessories in case their pooch, cat or other pet has any accidents during the party. You can minimize the inconvenience by providing an outside space – most pets are trained to go outside to litter, and so the outdoors should be easily accessible to them. It makes sense – as long as the weather is agreeable – to have the entire party outside, in fact.

3. Cake and Delicatessens

There’s almost certainly a bakery nearby that caters to dogs. Of course, you want to have something that your guests can eat, too, so be sure to get separate sweets. There are recipes for dog treats, cat treats, and other animals online; or, you can call a professional pet party planner to handle the details. There’s a very good chance that your guests bring their own children along, so it’s a good idea to have bags of treats for the kids, too.

4. Can’t Do Without a Dog Theme

You want to set your party apart, and what better way to do this by having a dog theme running throughout the party? You have plenty to choose from – 101 Dalmatians, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Lady and the Tramp, etc. the list goes on and on; furthermore, feel free to add some original bits to the set-up that are characteristic of your unique pet.

5. Add a Pageant to the Festivities

This works best if your friends and neighbors bring their pets, too. You can set up a good-natured competition and let the audience judge the cutest pet. In fact, there can – should, in fact – be more than one category; depending on how many animals show up. This occasion can be replete with tiaras, crowns, tags and more.

Party planning for your pets is not a frivolous endeavor, given the importance the animal has in your life. She is a companion, protector and even a confidante – show her you care, and mark the occasion with a pet party that gives family and friends just another chance to get together during the year.

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