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Pool Party Planning Tips to Round Out the Summer

pool-party-planning-to-round-out-the-summerSome people say that a pool party is reason enough to celebrate and that you don’t need to go any further to create a fun, relaxing time. We beg to differ. Bright decorations, bunting around the deck and a few hot dogs on the grille can definitely make a great summer hangout.

Pool Planning Tips for Making a Summer Splash 

To really make things memorable you might try adding the right decor to your outdoor space, planning ahead and inviting the right amount of guests, and even running with a theme for your next party…as long as it’s age appropriate.

Sending Out the Guest List

Event planners usually tell hosts to plan ahead and consider how many people are going to make use of every part of your venue.

In the case of a pool party, you definitely want to consider the fact that not everyone is going to want to take a dip, or not at the same time. That’s why you should invite a few more guests than your pool will accommodate.

Another reason to invite a few more guests is that you can plan for people coming into your party fashionably late and also plan for guests ducking out early.

By inviting more you also sidestep any awkwardness (“why didn’t you invite me”) and plan for people who forget to R.S.V.P. on time (or at all). Just make sure that you can accommodate most of your guests if they decide to drop by all at once!

It’s actually best to send out your invitations with plenty of time to spare – aim for about a month in advance. You can even create party invitations online and let them do the rounds on social media; that’s yet another way to whip up excitement leading into the big day.

Party Decor and Themed Pool Parties

The cool thing about themed pool parties is that you can make everything associated with that party themed – the invitations, dress code, music and even the food can be built around a theme to get people vibing right off the bat.

You obviously also want to be age appropriate with a lot of your ideas, though: Building your party around Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad might not be the hottest idea if you know that kids are going to be there.

That said, some classics are nautical-themed parties – or a pirate-themed get-together if you have the kids in tow – pink flamingos, or maybe even a Southern California surfer type party! Another go-to if you’re thirsty for ideas is a Hawaiian luau party with tiki torches, skirts, and pineapple.

And if you’re wanting to go old school, so to speak, you might consider getting pink flamingoes delivered to your home and decorating your front lawn the day before the party to put everyone in the mood.

Logistical Fixes to Keep It Going

Maybe a week before you have people over you might want to add a little extra chlorine to your pool to ensure that it’s ready to go. Also, think ahead to how you’re going to be dealing with mosquitos (e.g., spraying); you might also want to invest in food lids or netting to keep the flies away.

In terms of the actual eats and treats for the big day, letting your guests choose from self-serve sandwiches, pizza and do-it-yourself tacos is never a bad thing.

You still want to remain, safe, though, so make sure that your pool planning involves keeping the kids in check, putting a cap on drinks for adults and checking around the side of the pool for tripping hazards.

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