Interactive Party Favors!

A Sampling of Some of our Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Designs

The temporary airbrush tattoo designs below are our Standard Collection of stencils that go out to every party. There are 385 designs. When an event has attendees below the age of 16, we always check with the host/party planner to make sure only the appropriate stencil designs find their way into the hands of the children. We have a No Pull-Up, No Pull-Down Policy in effect and it simply means:

If they need to pull up or down their clothing, the tattoo will not be done there. Also, we provide children’s stencil design booklets that have the same designs as the regular booklets, minus the Naughty Girl, Bad Girl, Hottie, Playboy Bunny and designs like this. We make every effort to be in compliance with parents wishes and understand that as a parent you may not be at an event your child attends, so we do the parenting for you!

Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Designs

More Airbrush Tattoo Designs

Specialty Airbrush Tattoo Designs

The designs below are part of our Special Collection. These design are larger and much more detailed than the Standard Collection above and therefor require more time to apply. Because we like to maintain our minimum of 40-45 tattoos per hour, these designs are ONLY available upon request and are in limited supply. There are 141 Special designs.

 Custom-made Tattoo Stencil Designs

We can easily create custom stencil designs tailored to your event. Company logo, school mascot, car enthusiast? No problem for us! We cannot create trademarked or copyrighted images without your proof of obtained permission from the owner. We have created custom stencil for a trade show client who was using the design, airbrushed onto customers, as their pass into the private party later in the evening. If you had the tattoo, you had entry!

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