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The Wedding Planner

the-wedding-plannerWhen it comes to planning a wedding, the number of people involved can vary – but the more there are, the more complicated it can become. You really should aim more for the person’s expertise at organization; rather than the specific number of people. With an experienced leader, the number of “helpers” can certainly make the process less stressful for everyone involved once assignments are delegated.

1. Apportion Enough Time to Plan

It is not at all unheard of to spend over a year planning for the wedding. In fact, 12 months is a good baseline – you’ll need time to send out invitations, rent or pick a venue, gather commitments and make your all-important registry. Indeed; by giving yourself this much time to plan, you alleviate the otherwise inevitable stress that’s often associated with such a life-changing event.

2. The Guests of Honor

Appoint one of the people in your planning crew to take an accounting of all the desired guests. Why? Because before you’re able to do almost anything else, you’ll need a head-count so that you choose the right venue. Keep in mind that, even for a small to moderate-sized wedding, you’ll likely have multiple waiters, tables, a dance floor and more occupying the space with your full allotment of family, friends, and acquaintances. Settle on a square-footage per person, and choose your venue based on its ability to accommodate this.

3. You’ll Need an Event-Watcher

This person will be responsible for keeping track of the weather reports for the day of the wedding, as well as any impending blackout dates. She or he will know a month or week in advance – when possible – if any nation or county-wide events might conflict with your special day. If it’s going to be an especially cold day, have mercy on your treasured guests by providing outdoor heaters, or air conditioning for excessive heat. Your appointee should even keep track of pest seasons so that the wedding isn’t overrun with mosquitoes or other party-pooper bugs.

4. You’ll Need a Food-Guy (or Gal)

Preferably, this should be someone with a renowned palate among your circle of friends and family. Since a wedding should be a pleasantly memorable experience, the food should be as good as it can be within your budget. One person in your crew should be responsible for identifying the best catering services and choosing the meals after the approval of the bride and groom. This will entail reading YELP reviews, checking ingredients – your parents may be allergic to shrimp, for example – and much more.

5. Make a Wedding Registry

Your wedding is one of the few times that people from all walks of life will actually relish in the act of buying you gifts. After all, unlike birthdays, weddings generally only come around once in your lifetime. So, take the time to set up a gift registry on, for example. Include gifts for both bride and groom, and watch your requests fill up over the months – implement a way for people to know when one of the gifts has already been purchased or marked as taken care of.

Gather your people and delegate the responsibilities months in advance – this is one of the surest ways to making sure the magical day runs smoothly, and that the months leading it up to it are mostly stress-free (to the extent that this is possible).

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